Look ! Here comes Design 
Galery of the École nationale supérieure d’architecture de Paris-Val de Seine  
From 18 May to 4 June 2021  


The times we are going through reveal two things: first, devices and digital networks hold society today. They allow us to cope in an emergency situation, to distance our senses and our bodies while maintaining the possibility to see, speak, strive and work together. They hold it together in another manner. They have become essential, like masters and owners of our communication, our space and our times, and all those who doubted it have been thrown into them, almost chemically. It is therefore necessary to pursue our efforts to consider this digital environment and assess its effects. It is in particular up to design to achieve this task, to seize technical and digital media and tackle the question of the time of  machines, which mark the pace of our communications and our way of archiving the world.

Secondly, there are common things, which are vital to each human being on Earth. A virus is killing around the planet, and for the first time perhaps, mankind has tried to provide a global response. To a certain extent, human beings have united in the face of adversity which was not of their making. Without doubt from now on, mankind is ready to assess what is required for his own continuity, and even concentrate on his own conditions of life ; his environment, his habitat and the live beings or things, without which he is nothing. That is the reason why at Orléans School of Art and Design, we place emphasis on the design of the commons, not only, of material entities and goods, but also of know-how, practices and actions.

Media Design, design of time, and design commons are three axes taught, studied and explored within ÉSAD Orléans. At the invitation of ENSAPVS, here the school proposes the work undertaken or in progress. 

With the participation of artists and designers: Antoine Blouin, Théo Bonnet, Olivier Bouton & Caroline Zahnd and the research programme Objects, Crafts and Computation, Lucie Bretonneau, BIM collective,  KAÏROS collective, LIGA collective, Manon Houille, Gabriel Martinez, Antoine Souvent. 

Scenography: Olivier Bouton. 

Team: Emmanuel Guez – director ; Catherine Bazin – partnerships, careers advisor, events ; Aymeric Chappell – patronage and  communication ; Basile Jesset – graphic designer ; workshop supervisors, in particular Clémence  Brunet, Stéphane Détrez, Madi Kassay, Virginie Péchard ; technical team (Michaël de Looze,  David Jugi, Stéphane Parrod)