Laurent Baude
Photography and printed images
Rafal Borkowski
Olivier Bouton
Object and Spatial Design
Lionel Broye
Computer Design and Media Archaeology
Marie Compagnon
Object and Spatial Design (habitat, scenography, interior architecture)
Philippe Costard
Product Design 
Emmanuel Cyriaque
Edition and Theory of Art
Florent Deloison
Interactive Design and Media Archeology 
Panni Demeter
Visual and Graphic Design 
Claire Dumont
Object and Spatial Design
Sylvia Fredriksson
Design commons
Andree Furey
English language
Dominique Garros
Painting and Colour
Nicolas Girard
Visual and Graphic Design
Victor Guégan
History of Graphic Design
Maurice Huvelin
Cinema, video and animation
Marie Lechner
Digital arts and cultures – media theory
Loïc Le Gall
Calligraphy and typography

Claire Le Sage
Object and Transitional Design
Julien Levesque
Internet Art
Réjane Lhôte
Gunther Ludwig
History and Theories of Art 
Marie Maillard
Uli Meisenheimer
Visual and Graphic Design
Sophie Monville
History of Art
Robin Moretti
Mobile Design
Erik Nussbicker
Plastic Arts
Evelyne Paradis
History and Theories of Art – ethno-aesthetics
Sébastien Pons
Volumes, sculpture, placing
Léandre Porte-Agbogba
Morphology and structure, Perspective, Architecture
Samuel Roux
Visual and Graphic Design
Olivier Soulerin
Philippe Tarral
Drawing and illustration
Alexandre Texier
Web design
Nicolas Tilly
Web design and mobile editions
Éric Verrier
Spatial Design, scenography
Alessandro Vicari
Spatial Design, architecture
Caroline Zahnd
Computational Object Design, creative coding

Doctoral students (support with DNA writing)

Vincent Bonnefille
Ambre Charpier
Margaux Moussinet

Guest Teachers (2020-21)

Sylvain Blocquaux
Support in interactive Design

Antoine Dufeu
Writing workshop
Ludovic Duhem
Benjamin Gaulony
Hacking and Digital Recycling

Preparatory Class Teachers (2020-21)

Loïc Boyer
Graphic Micro-edition graphique and individual support
Julio Gallegos
Graphic Edition/ desktop publishing/ Photo
Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis
Video and animation
Aurélie Schnell
Plastic exams
Anne Touquet
Plastic Expression (drawing, painting, colour)
Sylvie Verbois
Graphic Art