Since 2017, the preparatory class has been accompanying students from secondary school to higher education in arts. Although it does not automatically entitle students to enter the first year of the Orléans School of Art and Design, the preparatory class offers its students the opportunity to move towards higher creative studies by preparing for the entrance exams to the schools of their choice, in a privileged environment.

Panorama of artistic challenges

The preparatory class grants students without any mandatory, prerequisite art education, access to the technical and theoretical skills essential to the entry examinations to higher education institutions, and training in art professions. A comprehensive and transversal approach enables students to roam the territories of art (drawing, painting, colour), projects and to work equally on volumes and signs.

A year of guidance in the orientation

Supplemented with individual monitoring, this education also offers students the opportunity to encounter different artistic worlds. Through visits to establishments at the forefront of culture and art, meetings with professionals and daily attendance at Orléans School of Art and Design, the preparatory class for creative professions enables students to make informed choices when defining their study plans. 

Expression of all imaginary

The goals of this year are to develop the personality of each student, to help them find their areas of  competence and plastic expressions. Besides the technical teachings and the acquisition of plastic expression methods, there is the discovery of contemporary art practices and the support in students’ abilities to shape and word their work orientations. 

Student commitment, assessment and entrance examination

The course imposes an intensive pace of work and a great deal of motivation. Students put together a portfolio of personal and diverse works, allowing them to apply for entrance examinations under proper conditions. Two intermediary assessments; mock exams (orals and written) give them the best possible preparation for admission tests to higher education. The objective is clear: to pass the entrance exams to the schools in art/design. Students commit to applying to at least 4 schools to increase their chances of success.


  • Artistic practices (drawing, painting, colour, volumes, graphic  composition)
  • Approach to workshop techniques (model-making, clay modelling, etching, photography) 
  • Initiation to the logic of the project
  • Individual mentoring and support 
  • Culture and theoretical approach 
  • English Language
  • Workshops, lectures and cultural visits 
  • Demanding personal work (10-12 hours per week)


The preparatory class has a specific 190 m² area, as well as access to all the technical workshops available at Orléans School of Art and Design (model-making, clay modelling, etching, etc.). Besides having the same access to the library, print services, university canteen, etc… the preparatory class students benefit from a great proximity with Orléans School of Art and Design, its students and its teachers. They share projects, passions, and the culture of creation. The school bears the cost of part of the education supplies, but these are not included in the tuition fees, or expense for students’ personal supplies and tools.  

The team

Our 20-strong specialized teaching team with backgrounds in higher education in art; (painters, plastic artists, sculptors, designers, architects, landscape-designers, photographers, graphic designers, cartoonists, computer graphics designers, developers…), work closely with the students, supported by the school workshop supervisors. Students are supported and guided in the construction of their study projects by the class coordinator. The administrative processing of students is carried out by the Student Affairs.

Pursuing higher education

  • Registration at an art and design school (level Bac + 5, Master degree)
  • Registration at an architecture school (orientation towards partner schools, in particular, Paris La Villette et Paris Val de Seine) and other state schools supported by the Ministry of Culture (video, photo, cinema…) 
  • Registration at university: BA in plastic arts/ history of art
  • Registration at DNMADE and specialized schools: Applied arts, design, landscaping, towards short or technical cycles 

Practical information

Language of instruction

Annual registration fees
980 €

Thomas Perrin
Preparatory class coordinator