The Visual and Graphic Design mention provides training in all aspects of visual creation in graphic design: visual expression, publishing, web design, graphic design in space (tangible, virtual, augmented, extended).
It offers 3 curriculum that give colour to students’ projects:

  • Graphic Design: publishing, illustration, typography, etc
  • Digital Arts and Design: web design, mobile applications, video game interfaces, virtual reality, etc.
  • Visual Media: photography, film, animation, etc.

What makes ÉSAD Orléans so special is that it provides students with a solid grounding in professional practice, while also putting them in touch with contemporary art and other artistic movements and trends in design.

The range of courses is broad, with a variety of practical courses as well as solid theoretical teaching (see the range of courses linked below), the aim being to prepare students for the professions of tomorrow: designers and artists who are capable of probing the times, inventing surprising forms and responding to commissions. This is what distinguishes an art and design school from schools of image, communication and advertising: it teaches students to grasp what is happening in society, to listen to its societal, cultural and political effects, even before the public is aware of them, and to offer, if necessary, a critical alternative.

ÉSAD Orléans offers real freedom to think, to be and to ‘create’. It teaches you to master the full range of methods used to develop ideas in art: from the logic of the project to the way it is surpassed through criticism, from the logic of the laboratory to the exploration of the limits of scientific discourse, from the logic of creation to an awareness of what determines us. It teaches us to articulate medium and message.

See the range of courses on offer in the second and third years of Visual and Graphic Design.

Practical information

Language of instruction

Annual registration fees
720 €


Semester 3: Réjane Lhôte (Artist)
Semesters 4, 5 and 6 :
– Graphic Design: Panni Demeter
– Digital Arts and Design: Robin Moretti (semester 4) – Lionel Broye (semesters 5 and 6)
– Visual Media: Laurent Baude

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