Board of Directors

The Board deliberates on all matters relating to the school operations. 

And in particular on :

  • The general orientations of the institution’s policy
  • The organisation of schooling and studies, after advice from the educational guidance council
  • The budget and its amendments
  • The financial account and the allocation of the results of the financial year
  • Registration fees and rates
  • The creation, modification and suppression of permanent jobs
  • Plans to purchase or lease buildings and, for property owned by a public institution, plans to sell or lease buildings.
  • The general conditions for the conclusion of contracts, agreements and contracts
  • Concession and public service delegation projects
  • Borrowings, acquisitions, extensions and disposals of financial holdings
  • Acceptance of donations and legacies
  • Legal actions and the conditions under which some of them may be initiated by the Director
  • Transactions
  • The establishment’s internal regulations
  • The follow-up to be given to observations following inspections, controls or evaluations of the establishment

The Chairman of the Board of Directors shall be elected by the Board of Directors from among its members by a two-thirds majority for a renewable term of three years, which may not exceed the term of his elected office.

The Board of Directors shall meet at least twice a year when convened by its Chairman, who shall set the agenda. It also meets at the request of one of the public members of the institution or half of its members.

Decisions are taken by a majority of the votes cast. In the event of a tied vote, the chairman shall have the casting vote.
It is composed of 20 members.


President of the Board of Directors
Béatrice Barruel

Members of the Board of Directors
Representing the Mayor of Orléans

Pascal Tebibel

Representatives of the Orléans Metropolis
Florent Montillot
1st Deputy Mayor of Orléans

William Chancerelle
Deputy Mayor of Orléans in charge of the cultural affairs

Françoise Grivotet
Mayor of Saint-Jean-le-Blanc

Laurent Baude
Mayor of Semoy

Vincent Devailly
1st Deputy Mayor of La-Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin

Marceau Villaret
4th Deputy Mayor of Saint-Jean de la Ruelle

Representatives of the State
Fabrice Morio
General Director of Cultural Affairs for the Centre-Val de Loire region

Régine Engström
Prefect of the Centre-Val de Loire region, prefect of the Loiret

Christopher Miles
General Director of Artistic Creation

Representative of Bourges National School of Art
Rebecca Bournigault
President of the National School of Art of Bourges

Qualified personalities
Éric Blond
President of the University of Orléans

Éric Degoutte
Director of the Contemporary art centre Les Tanneries in Amilly

Fabrice Soulard
Head of Prospective Innovation at Shiseido

Teacher representatives
Emmanuel Cyriaque (substitute Caroline Zahnd)
Gunther Ludwig (substitute Marie Compagnon)

Representative of the administrative and technical staff
Paul de Lanzac (substitute Marie Danse)

Student Representatives
Margot Capello (substitute Élise Bellard)
Macha Dufour (substitute Théo Jacquet)

Educational Guidance Board


The Educational Guidance Board is consulted on all matters relating to the school’s educational activities.

The management presents the report on the work of the Policy Council to the Administrative Board.

It meets at least twice a year on the initiative of the general management or at the request of half of its members.


Executive Director, as President
Emmanuel Guez

General Secretary
Patricia Pujol

Studies manager
Juliette Beauchot

Partnerships, careers and events manager
Catherine Bazin

International relations and communication manager
Marion Quintin

Representatives of the coordinators
Olivier Soulerin, Panni Demeter, Nicolas Tilly

Teacher representatives
Laurent Baude, Maurice Huvelin, Sébastien Pons, Laurence Salmon

Representative of workshop leaders
Stéphane Bérard

Undergraduate student representatives
Chloé Ramanankasina (substitute Thomas Barax)
Théotime Serre (substitute Jeanne Train)

Graduate student representatives
Manon Souchet (substitute Amélie Samson)
Gabriel Martinez (substitute Emmanuel Hugnot)

Scientific committee


The Scientific Committee consists of ten qualified personalities from the world of art and design, appointed for a period of three years by the President of the Board of Directors on the proposal of the Director.

It meets regularly, at the initiative of the director of the school and participates at least once a year in the work of the Pedagogical Orientation Council. It aims to enrich these reflections.


In the process of being set up

Committee of Hygiene and Safety and the Working conditions


The Committee of Hygiene, Safety and the Working conditions is a consultative body responsible for helping to protect the physical and mental health and safety of staff in their work.

Its mission is to participate in the improvement of working conditions and to ensure that the heads of departments or establishments implement the provisions of the Labour Code relating to health and safety at work that are applicable to the civil service.

In this capacity, it is consulted in particular on any major development project modifying health, safety or working conditions.

It also participates in the analysis and prevention of occupational risks through, in particular, regular visits to the sites under its jurisdiction and investigations conducted into accidents at work, on-duty accidents and occupational diseases.

It meets at least three times a year.


Orléans School of Art and Design representatives
Béatrice Barruel, President (substitute Cécile Adelle)
Juliette Beauchot (substitute Clémence Brunet)
Emmanuel Guez (substitute Xavier Girard)

Staff representatives
Maurice Huvelin (substitute Nicolas Girard)
David Jugi (substitute XX)
Virginie Péchard (substitute Camille Legriffon)

Technical Committee


The Technical Committee is a consultative body responsible for giving its opinion on questions and draft texts relating to the organisation and operation of services, questions concerning staff numbers, jobs and skills, draft special statutes, statutory rules, working methods, major guidelines on compensation policy, training, professional integration, professional equality and the fight against discrimination.

The Technical Committee is consulted on all matters relating to the organisation of work and the operation of services that have an impact on staff.

It meets at least twice a year.


Orléans School of Art and Design representatives
Béatrice Barruel, President (substitute Bruno Malinverno)
Emmanuel Guez (substitute Gunther Ludwig)
Muriel Sauvegrain (substitute Abel Moittié)

Staff representatives
Laurent Baude (substitute Maurice Huvelin)
Marie Danse (substitute Nicolas Girard)
Léandre Porte Agbogba (substitute Delphine Dupoux)