Design commons serves everything everyone needs, whether natural entities (e.g. a river and its ecosystems, etc.) patrimonial bodies, immaterial or material; or even software and digital information. By focusing on usage and the conditions of this use, it offers forms of cohabitation, governance and circulation of objects and spaces as well as transition strategies and tactics.

The specialization IoT and Data Design in a territorial art school is unique in France. It allows future designers to take stock of what an object becomes inside a connected space. Drawing on a critical practice, futurologic and speculative, this specialization prepares students to create objects which materialize data or can interact according to digital information. This specialization is addressed to students in art, design, architecture or engineering. 

Outline in IoT and Data design

  • Exploration of connected ecosystems (spaces, networks, objects, data) 
  • Speculative Design and critical science fictions
  • Data sculpture, techno-tinkering, DIY coding and simulation

This specialization is supported by the research programme “Objects, Craft and Computation


Polytech (University of Orleans)

The degree works of Rachel Belorgane (2016), Antoine Blouin (2019), Léa Dekens (2019), Léa Genovese (2018), Manon Souchet (DNA, 2019), Loïc Verseau (2015)

Practical information

Language of instruction

Annual registration fees
720 €


Coordinator: Gunther Ludwig (Art historian)
Research programme director: Caroline Zahnd (Artist-researcher)
Course teaching team: Olivier Bouton (Plastic artist-designer), Florent Deloison (Artist-developer), Sylvia Fredriksson (Designer-researcher), Caroline Zahnd

Student Affairs