Orléans School of Art and Design, in a professional partnership with CICLIC Centre-Val de Loire agency, has set up a post-master dedicated to audiovisual and cinematographic creation, with special attention to film animation. The creation of this post-master answers a proven need in this field, in the Centre-Val de Loire region.

This post-master is called “CAMEDIA” (Cinema, Audiovisual, Media Design et Image Animation). The purpose is an artistic production by the students, who must produce a personal and original audiovisual work during the course year.

The course is professionalizing and the year’s training helps the students’ professional insertion. This means accompanying the students in the start of their career, by proposing to further their artistic and professional skills while helping them discover the network of support for audiovisual and film production in France.

The training programme for the obtention of the post-graduate degree is dispensed by the Video/animation studio at Orleans School of Art and Design in partnership with CICLIC Centre-Val de Loire agency for the development of a writer career path.


The training programme for the obtention of the post-graduate degree is dispensed by the Video/animation studio at Orleans School of Art and Design in partnership with CICLIC Centre-Val de Loire agency for the development of a writer career path. It consists of:

  • Accompaniment in the evolution of the production file of an audiovisual work with a professional ambition  (conception, theoretical research, scenario, synopsis, brief, graphic research,  plastic experimentation, story-board, digital animation, etc.)
  • Accompaniment in the personal artistic production of short film, deign media, audiovisual or animated image (fiction, documentary, pilot episode, video piece, animation, etc.) through all the production phases (writing, images, audio, editing, post-production, distribution, etc.)
  • Participation in some research and investigatory periods in Media Design at Orléans School of Art and Design, (seminars, workshops, lessons, studios, events, study days, conferences, the international week, etc.)

The students may use the resources at Orleans School of Art and Design – its ECOLAB research unit, theoretical and plastic research programmes, teaching staff, plastic researchers, teams and network, but also its competencies and structure of production, post-production, edition and art school residency.

As for the professionalizing pedagogical frame, CICLIC Centre-Val de Loire proposes several possible mergers: 

  • Accompaniment services such as: les workshops Ciclic, Ciclic workshops;  l’Appel à projet Court-métrage call for short film projects, le parcours d’accompagnement professionnel annuel annual career path support, la programmation de Ciclic Animation. These actions can be adjusted and combined to the training given by Orleans School of Art and Design to compose a professionalizing programme covering a calendar year. The main point is that this adjustment is custom-made depending on the wishes and interests of the students participating in the post-graduate course, while enriching their personal project.
  • Individual accompaniment in the creation process of the student’s artistic work, through the incubator schemes of CICLIC (Animation à Vendôme, Films de patrimoine à Issoudun heritage films at Issoudun); traineeships on hosted productions and also meetings with professionals (lessons / themes / workshops/ training sessions) on the different conception and realization phases.
  • A reflection on the implementation of a grant for creation inspired by Fresnoy grants. Possible sollicitation: Support from the Culture and Diversity Foundation (Saïd Berkane).
  • Long-term inter-regional development with the Film in Brittany collective with École Européenne Supérieure d’Art de Bretagne (formation Stop-Motion), and the label 2 TEMPS, 3MOUVEMENTS set up by CICLIC Centre-Val de Loire.
  • Ad hoc mergers with the preparatory class at Orleans School of Art and Design


The obtention of the post-graduate degree is subject to carrying out 120 hours of actions and/or training during the calendar year. These hours are broken down according to Orleans School of Art and Design and CICLIC Centre-Val de Loire schedules.

Initial proposal of training periods:

  • Participation in the Video and/or animation Studio and monitoring by the research manager: 30 heures.
  • Participation in periods of theoretcical and/or plastic research (seminars, workshops, lessons, events, study days, conferences, festivals,…) validated by the research manager: 30 heures.
  • Participation in accompaniment services and/or residency at CICLIC Centre-Val de Loire: 30 heures
  • Personal creation project (plastic and intellectual production which must result in the realization of an artistic audiovisual work): 30 heures.

Total : 120 hours.

The student is coached by a research manager (artist/ filmmaker, director) as well as a workshop supervisor (teaching assistant).

Final Submission – Projection – Distribution

The submission of the research project and production file is not predefined in its form. It can be an edition, a performance or a pastic installation and so on..It can also be dealt with in a more conventional way, by taking inspiration from the sample files for grant requests for writing, production or development (CNC ou Régions).

The plastic production will be shown (projected, exhibited or distributed) in a suitable place and will be the subject of partnerships between one or several renowned places of art or cinema distribution, and festivals. (see CICLIC, Cinéma Les Carmes, Théâtre d’Orléans…)

The work submitted will be assessed by a jury composed of professionals and teachers.

Application File

  • CV detailing training, school of origin and internships 
  • Cover letter (2 pages maximum) explaining the candidate’s motivation and interests for the course.
  • A file containing the Master degree project (PDF of the thesis) and traineeship reports or international student mobility the candidate has taken part in (PDF may contain links towards the demoreel of productions made by the candidate during traineeships or travel).
  • Portfolio of audiovisual projects from the 1st and 2nd cycle and degrees for students graduated in art and design, with all the written elements, notes evolution of research, plastic productions and finished or not realisations (PDF may contain video links towards personal Vimeo, audio recordings,  personal web site, etc.).
  • Personalised video of an oral presentation (maximum 3 minutes) of the candidate’s personal project and possibly the field of creation considered for the post-graduate year. This video can be used as an introduction to the presentation of the portfolio, a critical and formal synthesis of the candidate’s personal history. This living video portrait presentation is not compulsory but highly recommended. It is totally free in its form and should reveal the singularity and personality of the candidate author.

Complete file to be sent via email to: mhuvelin@esad-orleans.fr


– Deadline for applications: June 24 2024
– Selection: June 28 2024
– Start of course: September 2024


Maurice Huvelin
Cinema, video, image animation
Post-master CAMEDIA coordinator