Media* design consists in seizing technical media (digital devices and networks today) to assess the effects on culture, writing; reading, images, audio, the body, the senses, social relationships, etc. Media Design tries to act on these effects.

*Here, the concept is different from mass media. The word ‘media’ designates technical media (here digital and networks), i.e; recording, data storage and management devices.

The Media Archaeology specialisation in an art school or university is unique in France. It allows students to answer questions raised by the emergence and obsolescence of digital, especially industrial, media. It particularly emphasizes on the study of networks, from a technical, artistic and cultural point of view, (from the most recent, the Internet, Web, P2P…to the oldest: Minitel, Telephone, Radio ✨…). This programme is addressed to students in design, art, the humanities and social sciences as well as future exhibition curators and conservators-restorers who wish to specialize in digital media. It also provides solid tools and methods of comprehending obsolescence, and its effects, to future artists and media, object and digital product designers.

Outline in Media Archaeology 

  • Design of digital temporality (industrial obsolescence, hypo-industrial strategies , dead media, art and digital literature conservation…)
  • Design of digital materiality (hacking, hijacking objects…) Reappropriation of old media, recycling
  • Archeography and futurography

This specialization is supported by the research programme “Blockchain in Media”.

The degree works of Péran André (2018), Gaël Goutard (2018) and workshops works of Martin de Bie, Florent Deloison with Blockchain in Media team (2020)

Practical information

Language of instruction

Annual registration fees
720 €


Coordinator: Sophie Monville (Art historian)
Research programme director: Lionel Broye (Media archaeologist)
Teaching team: Lionel Broye, Victor Guégan (Design historian/researcher), Marie Lechner (Art programme manager), Julien Levesque (Net artist)

Student Affairs