The ECOLAB, ESAD Orléans’s research unit, is accredited and supported by the Ministry of Culture since 2016.

Emmanuel Guez

Head of Research
Caroline Zahnd

Research Professors at ECOLAB
Olivier Bouton, Lionel Broye, Marie Compagnon, Emmanuel Cyriaque, Sylvia Fredriksson, Victor Guégan, Emmanuel Guez, Marie Lechner, Gunther Ludwig, Sophie Monville, Nicolas Tilly, Caroline Zahnd

Students of the Advanced Research Degree (French DSRD)
Jessy Asselineau, Leslie Astier, Basile Jesset, Emmanuel Hugnot, Amélie Samson, Morgan Stricot, Eva Vedel

PHD Student
Cheyenne Olivier

Students of the Post-graduate Degree in Research
Luiz Gustavo Machado De Carvalho, Gabriel Martinez