The MA graduates (DNSEP) at Orleans School of Art and Design can take a 6th year which allows for a path keeping their creation in line with their professional projects, either to facilitate their recrutement or to be a project incubator. This course, which does not lead to a diploma, aims at helping the professional insertion of graduates.

It leans on the expertise of Orleans School of Art and Design with a specialized teaching team, institutional partners, research centres and professional organisations, and aims at completing the students’ training following their graduation for the purpose of developing their professional insertion. This post-graduate is addressed to students with a specific project, and for a year accompanies them in their professional project and search for a pre-hiring, long-term traineeship. 

Commitment and monitoring

  • Monthly interviews with referent teachers at Orleans School of Art and Design
  • Assessment of internships

Conditions of admission

  • Hold DNSEP from Orleans School of Art and Design
  • Admission interview for the professionalizing post-garduate course: motivations, intentions, internships

Application file

  • a CV
  • a cover letter
  • leads to internships in connection with the topic of research and degree obtained


Catherine Bazin
Careers advisor