Media* design consists in seizing technical media (digital devices and networks today) to assess the effects on culture, writing; reading, images, audio, the body, the senses, social relationships, etc. Media Design tries to act on these effects.

*Here, the concept is different from mass media. The word ‘media’ designates technical media (here digital and networks), i.e. recording, data storage and management devices.

The Publishing specialisation allows students to tackle the mutations of publishing in the digital world. It is addressed to all creative students, artists, authors; graphic, object or spatial designers, web-designers, game-designers, with a BA level (or equivalent degree) who wish to specialize in literature, artistic and generalist editions on digital (web, mobile…) or printed supports.

Outline in Edition 

  • Graphic Design and augmented reality (printed, screen, transmedia, problem-solving) 
  • Edition and mobile applications (ecoconception, interfaces)
  • From codex to ludex (play, narration and fiction, game design)
  • Web to Print (ecosystems of edition) (in connection with the PrePostPrint movement)

This specialization is supported by the research programme “Edition, media, design : Expanded Publishing, when data become form

The degree works of Charline Dieu de Bellefontaine (2015), Martin Foucaut (2019), Manon Houille (2019), Clément Lecocq (2016), Erwan Roussel (2019), Marion Verpeaux (2016)

Practical information

Language of instruction

Annual registration fees
720 €

Coordinator: Sophie Monville (Art historian)
Research programme director: Emmanuel Cyriaque (Editorial Director)
Teaching team: Emmanuel Cyriaque, Sophie Monville, Nicolas Tilly (interactive media designer)

Student Affairs