Media design involves taking technical media (today’s digital devices and networks) and measuring their effects on culture, writing, reading, image, sound, the body, the senses, social relationships and so on. Media design seeks to act on these effects.

The Visual media course, rooted in workshop practice, offers future designers and artists the chance to explore in greater depth issues relating to the culture of the image, photography, animated film, video art, illustration, animated design and sound design, by encouraging cross-disciplinary encounters in the creative process and the means of production. The aim is to experiment with images in all their diversity: image-fixed, image-movement, image-time and image-sound.

Responding to the needs of students’ individual careers, questions of space, publishing, distribution, narrative, documentary attitude and digital forms will be addressed in the form of seminars and workshops throughout the course.

Focus of the Visual media course

-Image culture, photography, animation, video art, illustration, animation design, sound design.
-Image-fixe, image-movement, image-time and image-sound.

This course prepares students for the CAMEDIA post-master’s programme (Cinema, Audiovisual, Media Design and Moving Images, dedicated to audiovisual and cinematographic creation) in conjunction with CICLIC.

Practical information

Language of instruction

Annual registration fees
720 €

Coordinator: Sophie Monville (Art historian)
Programme coordinators: Laurent Baude (Photographer and visual artist), Maurice Huvelin (Writer-director-actor)

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