Scholarship application

Students who wish to apply for a scholarship and/or accommodation must leave a request on the site from 15 January to 15 May 2020 by constituting the Student Social File (DSE). Any request sent after the deadline while not be taken into account. Follow the student social guide!

As soon as you receive confirmation of your scholarship by the CROUS, you must provide Orléans School of Art and Design with a copy of the social criteria on your annual scholarship notification, this document is necessary for the reduction of your annual registration fees, reduced to 445€ instead of 720€ and from 980 euros to 590 euros for preparatory class students.

Accommodation in student residence

If you selected “je demande un logement” (I request accommodation) when you submitted your student social file (DSE) and returned your file to the CROUS, according to the correct procedure indicated by the CROUS, connect here:, section « Trouver un logement en résidence CROUS » (Finding accommodation in a CROUS residence). There are three student residences close to the school:

Monthly rents, including charges, of a furnished studio range from 333€ to 449€ depending on the size.