The product and spatial curriculum covers all the aspects of conception in volumes: from the object to a space; from everyday to future-oriented design; from sensorial to interactive design.

The product and spatial specialization aims to train young designers and artists in the ability to conceive and implement new projects integrating a social and societal analysis, an understanding of our digital and technological environment, and an awareness of ecological stakes. Able to bring responses to usages and users and lead businesses in innovative and unexpected ways; the young designers from Orléans School of Art and Design have a singular approach to art and design.

It is equally in this that our school of art and design is more different from technical or even art schools: the young professional designer must, not only, know how to lead a project and understand its constraints, but also have a methodology enabling to muster resources to, if required, answer differently. The knowledge of representations, the understanding of the language of forms and code, using good skills and collaboration are essential stakes for a young designer today.

In the first course programme, there is a broad spectrum of teachings. Following a common first year which allows for a wide exploration and learning of the fundamentals of all the art fields, the 2nd and 3rd years focus on the cultures and techniques specific to the specializations

Since 2018, Orléans School of Art and Design has developed a design/architecture curriculum, in partnership with ENSAPVS, École Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris-Val de Seine.

See the range of courses on offer in the second and third years of Object and Space Design.

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720 €

2nd year: Sébastien Pons
3rd year: Claire Dumont

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