Since 2017, the preparatory class has been accompanying students between secondary school and higher education in arts. Although it does not automatically entitle students to enter the first year of the Orleans School of Art and Design, the preparatory class offers its students the opportunity to move towards higher creative studies by preparing for the entrance exams to the schools of their choice, in a privileged environment.

Admission requirements

  • a baccalaureate (all options included) or an equivalent foreign title, or providing the obtention of the baccalaureate and being in their final year of high school.
  • aged over 17 and under 25 years at the start of the 2023 academic year.
  • have motivation, curiosity, commitment, attention to art, culture and creative fields.
  • an ambition towards professions in art, design, architecture✨, applied arts, landscaping or possibly other cultural professions.

Admission interview

Applications are closed for the academic year 2023-24.
Information on the 2024-25 application will be communicated in January 2024.


Registration must be submitted through the online registration form (not open at the moment).

Application files must contain: 
– a letter of application
– a curriculum vitae
– a copy of the baccalaureate or a certificate of registration in the final year of high school.
– a copy of graduate degrees, if applicable
– a copy of a valid identity card or passport
– an artistic file* made up of plastic works (in pdf format)
– payment of 20,00 € corresponding to the administration fees (non-refundable) :

_by cheque, payable to the “Trésorerie municipale d’Orléans” and sent to: 
ÉSAD Orléans –  specifying the applicant’s name
14, rue Dupanloup
FR45000 Orléans


_by bank transfer to :
Name of bank: Banque de France
Account holder: Trésorerie municipale Orléans Métropole
Subject of the transfer: Budget Code ESAD 23500 / Prep Admission / name of the candidate
IBAN: FR61 3000 1006 15C4 5100 0000 056

Proof of bank transfer must be attached to your online application form if you choose this method of payment.

_For non-French speakers, please provide an additional document:
The original of the TCF French knowledge test with a result between 400 and 499 points, or of the DELF B2 (if you do not have one of these two documents, your file will rejected). These exams can be taken abroad in universities, Instituts français, Alliances françaises or any other centre approved by France Education International.

*Instructions for the artistic folder:
– It consists of a single pdf file gathering all the candidate’s productions.
– Any large digital works (video…) must be put online on a distribution platform and may be included in the file in the form of web link(s) present in the single pdf file. The file may contain as many elements as the candidate wishes within the limit of 300 MB.
– Advice: do not hesitate to include all kinds of work (photographic, audio, technical, artisanal…) in addition to graphic and plastic productions. On the other hand, please focus on relatively recent work (from the last 2 years or so).

The application file should be returned to by 24 May 2020 at the latest for candidates of the 1st period, or by 12 June at the latest for candidates of the 2nd period.

Deadline for receipt of payment: 15 June 2020 (allow for postal delivery time). If the registration fee is not paid within the deadline, the candidate will not be admitted to the preparatory class.


Thomas Perrin
Preparatory class coordinator