Since 2018, Orléans School of Art and Design has had a common project, in partnership with ENSAPVS, École Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris-Val de Seine, contributing to giving Orléans School of Art and Design an architectural tone, and a design tone to ENSAPVS. Both schools have devised a programme to respond to technological and societal evolutions, bringing closer the fields of architecture and design (microarchitecture, spatial design, digital constructions, evolutions of materials…).

BA projects of Eugénie Dauptain, Élodie Delcourt, Alice Dufour and Antoine Henriot and “la Voûte Accordéon” created with Atelier YokYok (2019)


  • To favour global approaches by motivated students enabling the knowledge in both fields
  • To offer alternatives to students who wish to find further inclinations to their initial choice
  • To increase understanding of the ways of thinking of both approaches in a creation, design project and an architectural project

This approach allows students of either school to follow an alternative course inside their parent institution. This specifically aims at facilitating the integration of the students from the other school, and thereafter following the Master’s degree, course programme, knowingly in architecture or in design, and in the medium-term propose a double, Master’s degree.

How does it work?

The students integrated in each school’s course spend one day per week in the partner school during the 2nd semester of their 2nd year (S4). When possible, they work in teams or pairs (one design/one architecture student). The ENSAPVS students take an adapted course in S5. They can take their DEEA, BA level with a diploma supplement in design. The Orléans School of Art and Design students pursue the adapted course in S5. They can take their DNA, BA level with a diploma supplement in architecture. The double BA is possible by attending the partner school, after the undergraduate course, for two extra semesters. 

Practical information

Language of instruction

Annual registration fees
720 €

Réjane Lhôte

Student Affairs