Entry examination 

Each year, the entrance examination allows to select the applicants who wish to integrate the foundation year at Orleans School of Art and Design. This examination is addressed to the pupils currently in Terminale (year 13), in preparatory class for art schools or embarked on post-baccalaurate studies not validated by a degree yet.


Application for all (Terminale or post Bac) on www.parcoursup.fr from January 22 to March 12, 2020.

Examination process 

As a result of governmental measures related to Covid-19, the examination content below has been modified. 

Technical and material prerequisites 

To take part in the remote examination in good conditions, you must dispose of the following material: 

  • A computer with a Web browser
  • An internet connection to transmit your file.
  • A document scanning equipment (ideally a scanner;otherwise a smartphone equipped with adequate software, like Mobile Doc Scanner (Android) ou Notes (iPhone).
  • A smartphone with an internet connection. 
  • A public Instagram account.
  • Drawing material: any technique is authorized, dry or wet.
  • Material for volumes work: any technique.


Wednessay 8 April 2020 à 9h: Subjects are sent by email and uploaded on our website. You must perform four tests:

  • A theoretical test
  • A language test
  • A plastic test
  • An interview in the form of a text, video or audio recording in response to a questionnaire

Tuesday 14 April à 6.00 p.m.: Deadline for the reception of submissions to Orleans School of Art and Design via wetransfer.com (up to 2GB) at: concours@esad-orleans.fr. Any file sent after the deadline will be rejected. 

Please name your files correctly. For example: for the English language test: name_applicant number_ anglais (specify other languages where appropriate); for the theoretical test: name_applicant number_theorique; for the plastic test: name_applicant number_plastique; for the interview: name_applicant number_interview


Theoretical Test
A text of 4000 type characters, spaces included (+/- 10 %) (about two pages) – PDF format.The subject will privilege analysis and personal reflection over encyclopedic culture insofar as you will have access to every resource available.

Language Test 
A text of 3000 type characters, spaces included (+/- 10 %) (about one page and a half) – PDF format. The applicant will focus on a personal reflection.

Plastic Arts Test
The subject for this test will be given on the 3 April, you will be asked to:

  • Send one or several drawings, which will accompany a visual documentation of the steps in the realization (sketches, etc.). Everything should be scanned. All the images should be JPG format, limited to 5 Mo per image.
  • A volumes piece. Devised to be presented from a distance, the proposal will be documented by photographs (2 to 4 – JPG format limited to 5 Mo per image). In addition any other necessary information to improve the reproduction of the proposal can be joined (e.g. a text – 1500 characters maximum (1 page) PDF format – or a 3-minute maximum video recording with a web consultation link – we will not be able to download your videos). 
  • A photograph taken on a smartphone and disseminated on a public Instagram account by two hashtags : #your_registration_number + #soontobeadesigner (without the candidate’s name, we will not be able to find your work !)
  • You must add a letter of intent of 1500 characters maximum (1 page) PDF format which will help understand the choice of the proposal.
  • You must equally join your portfolio to plastic projects. In a file named in the following way: name_applicant number_portfolio; your portfolio contains a maximum of 12 works and some pages of research notebooks in JPG format and/or audio MP3 format, and/or texts in PDF. Regarding videos, you will send a link to them consult on the Internet (no downloading). If you have a personal website or if your portfolio is visible online, please indicate the URL in the PDF to be added to your file for the Plastic Arts Test. 

Caution : do sent a download, nor a shared dropbox or google drive file, etc. !

Motivation and Course Interview 

Exceptionally, the motivation and course interview will be remote and take the form of a questionnaire, partly on the applicant’s portofolio. The answers to this questionnaire will have to be either a text, a video or audio recording. The questionnaire will be sent at the same time as the other tests. If the questionnaire is answered in writing, all the answers should not be more than 4000 characters long, spaces included, in PDF format. – If students opt for an audio recording, this must be joined in MP3 format and should last 6 to 8 minutes. – If students opt for a video recording, it should last 6 to 8 minutes, and be uploaded on the vimeo.com platform. The video should be in private mode. The password should be given to the commission with the rest of the folder.

Conditions of Registration

Application is open to:
– Baccalaureate holders or Terminale pupils in the year of presenting the examination, under the condition of passing the baccalaureate in June,
– Holders of a certificate equivalent to the French, or foreign Baccalaureate.
– Aged under 26 ans on 31 December in the year of registration.
– Foreign applicants must present proof of passing the French knowledge test (TCF) or DELF minimum level B2.

Derogations may be granted to applicants who have proof of professional experience in the field of creation. The decision is taken by the school board, after consulting the first year coordinators. Claims for derogation must be received by the Student Affairs (sp@esad-orleans.fr), at least one month before the date of the first year entrance examination.


Student Affairs