Research is at the heart of the pedagogy at Orleans School of Art and Design. The school aims at training high-level designers and artists, capable of working and creating in a team, with other designers, architects, artists, scientists, engineers, or in the framework of public policies. From the first cycle, students are sensitized to research. In the second cycle, four research programmes, designed and developed by ECOLAB researchers, compose the backbone of the teaching.This is also the case for the post-graduate research and the Advanced Research Degree In Design (French DSRD).

What happens to objects in connected spaces? How do we cohabit with the river Loire? What are the effects of our digital environment on print, or on narration and fiction? What happens to our ideas on time and memory with Blockchain?

These are the questions which students, designers, artists and theorists in the research in art and design programmes at Orleans School of Art and Design try to answer. At the crossroads of disciplines, and a likeness of our time, preoccupied by technological, ecological, digital and political stakes, these programmes contribute to thinking about a design of time and technical media, a graphic design and mobile interfaces, a design of space and commons, a design of connected objects and data.

By training students in critical thinking, archeology and futurology; and equipping them with a true technical and artistic mastery, Orleans School of Art and Design wants to offer its students the possibility to build the world of the future, perhaps rebuild the world.

Emmanuel Guez, Executive Director.