Atlas of relational mapping of alluvial forests by Clémence Mathieu (LIGA), finalist in the COAL student award – Culture & Diversity 2021 !

Congratulations to Clémence Mathieu, student in the Advanced Research Degree in the design of the commons whose project “Atlas of relational mapping of alluvial forests” is in the finals of the COAL student award – Culture & Diversity 2021 !


Clémence Mathieu grew up in Blois in the Loire valley. She has landscaper-designer, as well as, artistic, writing and research activities, with a keen interest in the observation of fluvial territories, damp environments, and to a larger extent landscapes where the relations between human and non-human worlds are intermingled and perceptible.

The COAL student award – Culture et Diversity aims at accompanying and supporting students in schools in the field of art and culture who experiment and propose concrete solutions to the ecological transition. The COAL awards announcement and the COAL student award ceremony – Culture & Diversité 2021 will take place at the Museum of Hunting and Nature on Wednesday, June 16 June.